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Resume Writing Services

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Resume Development

Toms resume writing services will help you significantly increase the chances of being selected for interviews.

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Interview Preparation

My method is based on approaches adopted by people who consistently get job offers in competitive markets.

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Linkedin Profiles

Designed to optimise your chances of being ‘seen’ by the people you want to see it.

Professional Writer

Tom is one of the only professional resume writers in Australia who offer a dedicated 1 on 1 resume writing service, so you will only ever have to speak with one person from start to finish.

Comprehensive Service

Tom's service doesn't stop at resume development, he also offers tips on job searching and interview coaching, giving you a comprehensive experience and a better chance to secure the right positions.

Proven Results

Advance-Yourself's resume writing service has helped thousands of professionals advance through their career by securing the right positions.

Simple Process

Advance-yourself has built a strong reputation around making the resume development process as easy and stress free as possible.
Why My Process Works.

The solution to any successful application is to make sure that the employers know you have what they’re looking for. To do this, you will need a resume that clearly displays your qualifications, experience and a layout that sets you apart from the competition. In today’s increasingly competitive employment market, your resume is more important than ever, so if your resume is written effectively, you will:

Get The Interviews You Want

for jobs you want and know you can do.

Be Asked For Interviews

for jobs in organisations in which you want to work.

Maximise Interview Chances

and get a new job quickly if you have recently been retrenched.

Influence Recruitment Consultants
with your resume and interview skills about where to place you.
Convince Recruitment Consultants
to submit your resume to their clients.

Professional Resume Writers

Your resume determines the number of interviews you get, influences the quality of the jobs you are offered and plays a pivotal role in the salary you can command. If you do not have a well-written resume, you significantly increase the risk of being overlooked for the career opportunities you want and deserve. This is because your resume must be written in a way that make it easy for hiring managers to identify that you are what they are looking for. To do this, you need to understand how hiring managers think when assessing candidates. If you can get inside the heads of the decision makers, you have an edge.

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Resume Overhaul

A re-write, re-format and re-design of your resume to ensure that it provides employers and recruitment consultants with the information they need in the way they need it so you can confidently compete for the best jobs in the best organisations where the competition is toughest.


Selection Criteria

Your responses to selection criteria will be composed in a compelling and persuasive way to maximise your chances of convincing selection panels that you have what it takes to contribute at the next level.


Interview Coaching

You will rapidly learn a unique framework to ensure you are fully prepared for interviews and techniques that enable you to manage the interview process to your best advantage, founded on the approaches adopted by highly successful candidates.

Resume Updating

Updating your resume ensures you will always be prepared for career opportunities if you want to leave your current employer, if your job becomes redundant, if your employer goes belly up or if your employer merges with another organisation and you no longer feel that you fit with the new culture or with your new boss (or both).
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LinkedIn Profile Overhaul

A LinkedIn Profile is virtually a must have. It should be designed to optimise your chances of being ‘seen’ by the people you want to see it. While it should be tightly aligned with the content of your resume, there are some subtle and not so subtle differences in the way your experience and accomplishments should be expressed, the tone and the level of detail.
Advance Yourself