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Your resume is your most important career document. It’s the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. It must be created and treated with care and respect. Have you been using your resume to apply for roles and not getting the responses you want? If so, I recommend that you to stop burning opportunities and work with a professional resume writer like me who knows what recruiters and hiring managers want.

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To set yourself apart from the competition and ensure that employers understand that you are what they are looking for, you need a powerful resume.

In an increasingly competitive employment market, your resume is more important than ever. A great resume:

Tom Hannemann

Your Resume Expert & Coach

I have 20+ years’ full time experience in enabling clients throughout Australia and the rest of the world dramatically improve their career outcomes. By uncovering and expressing what makes you unique and valuable, I can give the edge you need by clearly demonstrating that you should be one of the few selected from the multitude.

Professional Writer

I am one of the few professional resume writers in Australia who offers a dedicated 1 on 1 resume writing service. You will only ever need to engage with one person from start to finish.

I do this work for a living. It's all I do. It's not a part time "side gig".

Why Choose Me?

Your resume determines the number of interviews you get, influences the quality of the jobs you are offered and plays a pivotal role in determining the salary you can command. If you do not have a great resume, you risk being overlooked for career opportunities you want and deserve and for which you are suited. Your resume must be written so that hiring managers will readily conclude that you are what they are looking for. To do this, you need to understand how hiring managers and recruitment consultants think and what they want to know. If you can get inside the heads of the decision makers, you have an edge.

Simple Process

I make the resume development process easy and stress free.

Comprehensive Service

My service doesn't stop at resume development. I also provide advice on job search strategies and interview coaching.

Proven Results

My resume writing services have helped thousands of professionals, managers and executives advance their careers.


Resume Overhaul

A complete re-write, re-format and re-design of your resume to ensure that it provides employers and recruitment consultants with the information they need in the way they need it so you can confidently compete for the best jobs in organisations where the competition is toughest.


Selection Criteria

Your responses to selection criteria will be composed in a compelling and persuasive way to maximise your chances of convincing selection panels that you have what it takes to contribute at the next level.


Interview Coaching

You will rapidly learn a unique framework to ensure you are fully prepared for interviews and techniques that enable you to manage the interview process to your best advantage, founded on the approaches adopted by highly successful candidates.

Resume Update
(of a resume I have developed)

By regularly updating your resume you will always be prepared for career opportunities if you want to leave your current employer. You will need to act quickly if your job becomes redundant, if your employer goes belly up or if your employer merges with another organisation and you no longer feel that you fit with the new culture or with your new boss (or both).
linked in

LinkedIn Profile Overhaul

A LinkedIn Profile is a must have if you want to advance your career. It has two main functions: to attract attention and to stimulate interest. While it should be tightly aligned with the content of your resume, there are some subtle and not so subtle differences in the way your experience and accomplishments should be expressed, the tone and the level of detail.
resume writing

Resume Coaching

If you need to apply for a role that’s closing soon or if you don’t have the budget right now for a full resume overhaul, I can provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective written advice to enable you to elevate your existing resume to a new level.

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Susan Weston

Tom was able to help me revamp my resume to present my unique experience in a way that spoke to potential employers very differently. This enhanced my competitiveness for roles at that next level. I would recommend Tom to any professional looking for their next opportunity.

Susan Weston

People & Culture Business Partner

Brendan Goodger

Tom always delivers – it’s all personalised – very honest and very direct – you pay for what you get – a professional who knows what’s required to help you get the edge.

Brendan Goodger

General Manager - Healthcare Sector

Gertraud Denscher

Resume writing is an art. Even if you are very good at writing, a resume you write will never be as good as one that has been written by an expert. I first engaged Tom a few years ago when I was looking to change jobs. I had previously worked with a resume writer, but didn’t get the results I was seeking.

In contrast, the resume Tom wrote was very impressive. He uses your inputs and puts them into a format that emphasises your achievements. I could never have produced a resume like that myself. Using this resume I found the perfect job, so my investment paid off very quickly.

Since then, I have engaged Tom to update my resume, and I have recommended him to family members, friends and work colleagues. All of them were extremely happy with his work.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, I highly recommend that you work with Tom.

Gertraud Denscher

Senior Change Manager - Big 4 Bank

Craig Dent

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Tom. I first used Tom’s services many years ago and have gone back to Tom regularly. The quality of Tom’s work is beyond reproach, his methods and utilisation of his experience impressive. I have referred several of my colleagues to Tom over the years and am pleased to provide this recommendation.

Craig Dent

Director, CXO, Advisor
Mitsuru Murai

Mitsuru Murai

I have been using Tom’s services for about 14 years now and I believe that without his help and skills I would not have had the great career path I have had.

He is able to make my technical background in the IT industry understandable to almost anyone. He spends time to understand exactly what you are doing and have done and express it in a way that is to the point and effective, and is aligned with the roles you are applying for. I have easily been able to secure interviews and roles position and have often been told by interviewers that my resume stood out due to the content and formatting.

I highly recommend Tom’s work and have referred his services to many friends who have also been extremely happy.

Mitsuru Murai

Senior Regional Director of Customer Care

Jairo Pardey

I have been working with Tom for a while now and I can say that Tom is not just an excellent CV writer, his process helps you to stop and analyse your career, experience and achievements to be able to articulate better your Value Proposition as a professional. Definitely a journey worth taking! Highly recommended.

Jairo Pardey

General Manager – Pharmaceutical & Skin Care

Katrena Friel

Tom is simply fabulous. I now have a great directors resume and an updated LinkedIn Profile. You can really see him using his 21 years’ experience in every tweak till the final version is done. Very impressed, I learnt a lot from this consummate professional. Thank you for a terrific service and outcome.

Katrena Friel

Chief Executive, Advisory Board Member, Executive Coach, Business Mentor
Norah Grimaldi

Norah Grimaldi

I am very happy to recommend Tom to anyone wanting to upgrade their resume, LinkedIn profile or even doing the interview coaching. Tom is not only very efficient and professional, but also very committed to provide an excellent service. I have seen his results with friends and family, and now I was the one needing his services. I am sure his work was a key element of my success story. He is the best! Thank you Tom!

Norah Grimaldi

Senior Associate - Employment & Labour, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
leon miri

Leon Miri

I engaged Tom to help me re-engineer my resume a few years ago and re-engaged him to refresh it following new roles. Tom is an absolute delight to work with and has a great sense of humour. He is very professional and once you undertake the structured process with Tom, it also prepares you for interviews down the track. Highly recommended.

Leon Miri

Senior Manager - Cyber Security

Julie Elliot

Tom wrote my resume and linked in profile and has since performed several revisions for me. The consistent feedback I receive is that it is the best resume anyone has seen. The format is visually engaging and clear and his writing style creates a compelling career narrative. He knows what recruiters are looking for and keeps current with trends. The process is also fast and efficient. I cannot recommend Tom highly enough.

Julie Elliot

Board Chair, Chief Executive - Financial Services Sector

Bill Kostandas

Having Tom structure and write my resume presented my credentials to prospective employers in a highly professional manner. Tom’s professionalism and responsiveness to his clients’ needs are second to none. His abilities to effectively communicate my experiences and achievements are exceptional. I highly recommend Tom to not only write your resume, but to also coach you in the interview process and I have no doubt you’ll derive great benefit in working with him.

Bill Kostandas

Managing Director, Chief Executive - Sports Sector

Peter McLean

My resume was looking way too tired, way too busy, had way too much info and was way off target at my level. Tom quickly revised it to create a great look, while focusing in on more of the substance of my achievements and leadership/executive experience, making valuable suggestions and asking good questions. He was very responsive and prompt and then assisted in applying my resume changes to my LinkedIn profile. The end result is that I’m highly pleased with Tom’s new version of my resume with a great-looking and reading format that I can adapt at need. Highly recommended.

Peter McLean

Board Director & Advisor, Chief Executive, Strategy Consultant, Leadership Coach