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To set yourself apart from the competition and ensure that employers understand you are what they are looking for, you need a powerful resume writing services.

In an increasingly competitive employment market, your resume is more important than ever. A great resume:


Tom Hannemann

Your Resume Writing Expert & Coach

I have more than 25 years’ experience in enabling managers, professionals and senior executives throughout Australia and the rest of the world dramatically improve their career outcomes. 

By uncovering and expressing what makes you unique and valuable, I will give you the edge you need by clearly demonstrating that you should be one of the few selected from the multitude.

Professional Resume Writer

I am one of the few Australian professional resume writers who offers a dedicated 1 on 1 resume writing service. You will only ever need to engage with one person from start to finish.

I do this for a living. It’s all I do. It’s not a part time “side gig”.

I don’t outsource or subcontract. I give you my full attention,


Why Choose Me?

Your resume determines the number of interviews you get, influences the quality of the jobs you are offered and plays a pivotal role in determining the salary you can command.

If you do not have a great resume, you risk being overlooked for career opportunities you want and deserve and for which you are suited.

Because my clients have a lot going on in their professional and personal lives, the process I use is straightforward and time efficient while being highly collaborative and personalised. 

After fully understanding what you have to offer the market, including your unique strengths and experiences in resume writing Australia, I compose a draft and invite you to provide additional input to ensure that I pitch your value in the most effective way. I do the heavy lifting.

My resume writing expertise encompasses:
– overhauling resumes
– re-building LinkedIn Profiles
– crafting customised cover letters
– composing convincing responses to selection criteria
– coaching people to prepare them for interviews
– advising on job search strategies
– providing career advice

I can help you at all stages of your career journey offering professional resume preparation services.

The testimonials on this website demonstrate that clients achieve exceptional value and great outcomes as a result of engaging me for professional resume writing to help them advance their careers.

Many people are still engaging with me after 20+ years. And many refer family members, colleagues, friends and even people they don’t particularly like. They would only do this if they were getting the benefits they expected, and more.

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