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My name is Tom Hannemann. I write resumes that multiply your chances of being selected for interviews. I enable people to ace their interviews through a unique method based on the approaches used by people who are consistently offered roles in the best organisations in competitive markets. The experience and credentials that equip me to help people advance their careers include:

An MBA from Australia’s leading business schools

I understand and can interpret the impact and benefits of your achievements and experience.

10 years' experience as a senior management consultant working with senior executives

Get the benefit of my understanding of how hiring managers think. I know what they value and what will convince them to invite you to interviews.

Working with one of the world’s largest recruitment firms

You are engaging someone who understands what recruitment consultants and employers want.

10 years' experience as an HR specialist and HR manager

Ensures you are getting help from someone who understands the recruitment process, how HR Managers think and the ingredients of an effective resume.

More evidence that I will make an outstanding contribution to your career is that:

  • Senior Executives at global executive search firms have told me that the resumes I produce are the best they have seen.
  • SEEK, Australia’s leading career portal, enlisted me to provide expert commentary and advice on resume preparation.
  • I have been the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ preferred resume writing provider.
  • Recruitment firms and career transition services refer candidates to me to help them overhaul their resumes so that they can successfully compete for the best career opportunities.
  • Career coaches recommend their clients to me to provide them with the tools they need to position themselves for new career opportunities.

On this website I share the essential ingredients of an effective resume, show you how you to ensure that your resume does the job you want it to and how it can lead you to the career opportunities you want. You will also find out how to prepare responses to Selection Criteria and get expert advice on numerous career-related subjects.
To discuss your situation, needs and circumstances and how I can help you , just click on the button below to arrange a no-obligation discussion.

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