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M.O.Re is More or my Big Resume

Recruitment consultants, executive search consultants, hiring managers and HR professionals have said it countless times: tailor your resume.

And yet, they say that far too many people send a generic resume when applying for every role. And, while these people might be perfect matches for the role, they miss out because their resumes don’t reflect the experience, expertise and skills and qualifications needed to fulfill the requirements of the type of role for which they are applying.

Bottom line: people score interviews if they not only have the experience, expertise and skills needed to do the job, but if this is clearly communicated in their resumes.

Writing your resume from the perspective of the employer’s requirements – usually outlined in the advertisement for the role or in the job’s position description – multiplies your chances of being invited to interviews. When you align your resume with the requirements of the role you are demonstrating that you have taken the time and made the effort to understand what’s important to the employer.

This is basic marketing: customise the content of your marketing document (your resume) to the expectations, needs and priorities of your target market. Not doing so sends a weak and possibly confusing message to the market.

The message is clear: if the requirements of the role are different, don’t use the same resume over and over again.

Isn’t it Hard?

Many job advertisements attract dozens or a hundred or more applications. Very few of those applicants tailor their resumes to the requirements of the job. If you are one of the few who does, you will automatically differentiate yourself from the pack.

But, I hear you ask: “Isn’t it time consuming, irritating and confusing to customise your resume for each role?” To be sure, few people want to spend hours reworking their resumes each time they apply for a role. Life’s too short and there are many other things they would rather be doing.

But there’s an Answer

To reduce the frustration and hassle being experienced by many people, I developed the M.O.Re method. It’s a way of building a single Big Resume from which you can spin off multiple versions, each customised to match the requirements – experience, skills, expertise, qualifications and personal attributes – of different types of roles. The Big version doesn’t see the light of day.

My method makes customising your resume straightforward and as painless as possible. It means that you won’t have to re-write your resume each and every time you apply for a role. You simply use the ‘universal’ version you create to populate the various sections of your resume so that it’s tailored for the requirements of each type of role.

In addition, my M.O.Re method will help ensure that your resume ‘passes’ through the Application Tracking Systems used by most recruiters and many larger employers. Many people miss out on opportunities because these systems don’t ‘believe’ that you have the experience and skills needed to do the job.

My M.O.Re method will help you to build resumes that are much more likely to convince employers that you have what they are looking for. The method makes it relatively quick and easy to customise your resume for multiple types of roles with different requirements while convincing AT systems that you are a tight fit for the job.

For more information on how this method works, please book a free consultation.