M.O.Re. is More

Recruitment consultants, executive search consultants, HR professionals and hiring managers recommend that job seekers customise their resumes so that they are aligned with the requirements of the role for which they are applying. Many people miss out on great career opportunities because they submit generic resumes that are not tightly connected to the experience, expertise, skills, background and qualifications being sought by the employer.

Advance yourself

Secure more interviews with a resume that's tailored to each role.

To optimise your chances of being invited to interviews, you should write your resume from the perspective of what’s important to the employer. This means that you’ll need to customise your resume according to the requirements of each role for which you apply.

By customising your resume you demonstrate that you are the right candidate for that role with that employer, not for some other role with some other employer.

Tailoring your resume positions you as someone who has taken the time and made the effort to target their resume towards what’s important to the employer.

Essentially it's Marketing 101

You tailor your message to the needs, expectations and priorities of different employers and different roles.

Even if jobs have the same or very similar titles, they won’t necessarily have all the same requirements. What’s very important to one employer might not be all that important to another employer.

Don't use the same resume over & over again

Bottom line – NEVER use the same resume for all applications, if the jobs are different.

Every job advertisement results in dozens or even hundreds of applications. 

A customised resume is the most effective way of convincing the recruitment consultant or hiring manager that you are a great fit for the role. 

If you are applying for several roles with different requirements, this can be daunting and confusing and will consume time you would rather spend doing something you actually want to do.


So ... how do I customise my resume for each role without losing my MIND??

Many, many people have asked: how can I customise my resume for different roles without spending endless hours and without losing what’s left of my sanity?

I have solved this problem. I have the answer. I have unlocked the secret door. I have cracked the code. I have resolved the riddle. I have pondered and pursued the puzzle to come up with the solution.

This is why I created the M.O.Re. method

I created the M.O.Re. method so that you can quickly and painlessly customise your resume for each and every role without having to re-write it every time.

Not only that, by adopting my M.O.Re. method, your resume will please the dreaded Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) that most recruitment firms and many employers use. Many people miss out on opportunities for which are very well suited because ATSs don’t think that they meet the requirements of the role. You might be right, but it’s what the ATS thinks that counts.

My unique M.O.Re. method enables you to build resumes that are much more likely to convince employers that you are what they are looking for. This method makes it quick and easy to customise your resume for multiple roles with different requirements while convincing ATSs that you are a natural fit for the job.

No more wondering how the heck you customise your resume for roles with different requirements. I have made it easy, straightforward and stress free.

Want to find out more about M.O.Re.?

I know that you do. I know that you want to know how it can save you time and effort while making sure that you get the reaction you want from recruiters and employers.

So, go ahead, click on the following link to my calendar to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to learn how and why my M.O.Re. method works.