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When you engage me to develop your resume, we’ll follow a process which makes it as easy as possible for you. You won’t need to make appointments for personal visits or have extended phone consultations during or outside business hours. Instead, you decide when you want to allocate the time to provide the input I will need.

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If you already have a resume

1. Your existing resume will be overhauled to produce a first draft: the information contained in your resume is re-worked, re-organised and re-formatted. This ensures that its current contents are organised, expressed and presented in the best possible way. It becomes a professional, appealing, crisp and easily read document.

2. Questions will be incorporated throughout the draft to obtain additional information from you about your experience, expertise, achievements and the challenges and issues you have faced. The perspective of a potential employer or an executive recruitment consultant is adopted. This will ensure that your new resume will give them the type, level and depth of information and the insight they will need to develop the appropriate perception of your capacity to contribute in the roles in which you are interested.

3. The draft containing the questions is emailed to you as a Word document.

4. You respond to the questions contained in the draft and return it via email.

5. Your responses are re-worked, synthesised, edited and integrated to finalise the document and the final draft is sent to you for approval.

6. Necessary additional adjustments and fine tuning are then made.

If you do not have a resume

1.A template to enable you to provide information about your career will be sent to you via email in Word format. You can then provide the information requested in the template and send it back by email.

2.This document then becomes your ‘existing’ resume and the above process is then followed.

3.I recommend allowing 6 – 8 business days for the entire process. If you need to submit an application more urgently, I can often accommodate urgent assignments.

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