Fast Track Solution To

Improve Your Resume

If you need to improve your resume but need to apply for a role quickly or if engaging me for a full service is beyond your budget at this time, this is the fast track service you need. This service will enable you to make significant improvements to your existing resume by following my advice.

It’s also particularly valuable if you are applying for promotions in your current organisation where you might not need the full service, but still need to put a better foot forward.

How Does It Work?

For an investment of as little as $125, many people have found this service to be a “life saver” because it enables them to secure interviews for roles that their existing resume would not.

Step 1 - You Send Me Your Resume

You send me your current resume and information about a role in which you are interested and for which you have the required experience, skills, expertise and qualifications.

Step 2 - I Provide you with Feedback

I will provide you with comprehensive written advice, recommendations, and suggestions on exactly what you need to do to elevate the content, structure and format of your existing resume. I will also let you know what’s missing from your resume and what’s not necessary to include.

Step 3 - You Make The Changes

You can then make the changes needed to take your resume to a new level so that you have a fighting chance.

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