Is your resume consistently getting you interviews:

For jobs you really want and in organisations in which you really want to work?

If you’ve answered, “Yes” to both questions, that’s great. But if you’ve answered, “No” to either, your resume is the likely culprit.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer recruiting for a new member of staff – you’d be busier than normal from the extra work involved in dealing with recruitment consultants and candidates and reviewing a pile of resumes. This is why it’s essential that your resume is of the highest calibre to distinguish you from your competition.

A resume that just outlines your career history and experience is not enough to convince employers that they should interview you. To get your foot in the door, you must have a resume that provides them with what they are looking for.

To do this it must present your experience, achievements, contributions and expertise in the most compelling, succinct and appealing way. This is how you optimise your opportunities to secure highly sought after roles in the most desirable organisations.

Your resume must be professional, crisp, clean and elegant to enable your potential employer to fully and easily assess your capabilities and understand the value you can add to their organisation.