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When you engage me to develop your resume, we’ll follow a process which makes it as easy as possible for you. You won’t need to make appointments for personal visits or have extended phone consultations. Instead, you decide when you want to allocate the time to provide the input I will need.

Step 1 - Gather Information

The first stage of the process when developing a resume is to gather the information I need to communicate your value and achievements in the most compelling way. It’s not just a matter of improving your current resume – that’s fairly easy to do and won’t get you to where you want to go. Marginal improvements won’t be enough to succeed in a competitive market.

I use a structured process that enables you to provide me with insight into what makes you unique, define the value you have added, and demonstrate how your contributions have impacted the organisations in which you have worked. Doing this ensures that you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and position yourself in a unique way.
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Step 2 - Drafts & Reviews

Once I have this information, I produce the first draft of your new resume and send it to you for review. That document will contain questions for you to answer to provide me with an even deeper understanding of the significance of your achievements, the challenges you have overcome and how you have made a difference.


After I have received your input, I prepare the final draft and send it to you for your review and invite you to make any final adjustments. 


If we need to go through further rounds of drafting, we will do so until you are completely satisfied.

Time Frame & Investment

Typical lead times from the day on which you engage me range from 7 to 10 business days. However, shorter turnaround times can sometimes be arranged, depending on my workload. Just ask about this when we talk about your needs during our initial discussion. However, it’s not a process that can or should be rushed. It has to be done thoroughly.


The fee for a Resume Overhaul depends on the level and amount of work required to elevate your resume to the standard it needs to be and the amount and level of experience you have. A fixed fee is quoted on a case by case basis.

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